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This week in DJing... [May. 30th, 2006|02:36 pm]
Flux Philly


Please get yourselves to the One-Year Anniversary of Flux Fridays in Philly, at the Trocadero, 10th and Arch Streets, South Philly, right near the Ben Franklin Bridge.

If, for any reason you cannot go to Philly this coming Friday, and are in the NYC area, Please consider two places I am DJing, as an alternative to staying home.

First, I'm DJing Route 85a this Friday, June 2. Route 85a, 85 Avenue A, NYC. Go to Flux as your first choice, but if you are in the NYC area, please come out if you can.

Second, due to a change in certain peoples' attitudes, I'm DJing Downstairs this Saturday at The Pyramid, 101 Avenue A, NYC.


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